Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Write, Therefore I Blog

Despite being a scientist, I more or less write for a living and so it is somewhat easy for me. So blogging will just be more of the same? Don’t I spend enough time already writing things no one reads, even though I can’t type? But I am always looking for opportunities to write creatively, knowing that if I practice enough someday I might be worth reading. So bring on the blog – only a couple minutes at a time, an opportunity to post a photo or two, and who knows where it will lead? This might have been ideal while I was traveling, though it was hard to find a USB connection in Asia to download photos with, and just last year was technologically a long time ago and blogging was not nearly so easy. I still wonder who I will give this URL to?, and whether this will keep their interest for long – I don’t think so, because I’m not saying anything. Maybe I eventually will – it will take time to figure out how.

Photo: Cat with no name, Wuqing, China. She never learned my name and I never learned hers. We enjoyed each others’ company for a year, and she has a great home now.


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