Friday, October 07, 2005

Late Annapurna Photos

Note: This is the fourth segment of the Annapurna travelogue.

Closing out the Annapurna saga are just a few more great photos which were not quite good enough to put in the main travelogue, but are worth seeing.
The reason I like to take photos of kids? You don't have to ask permission, you just point and shoot (assuming that they don't run away first!). Adults require some grooming before you can get a great close up (Why bother? Because it makes a better picture, more interesting and attractive.).
The village photos people photograph tend to be more glamorous places - with interesting people, animals, etc. when in fact you can pass through many of the smaller villages without being noticed and without seeing anything "worth taking a photo of".

I loved the tiny places the most - that explorer gene in me. What do they think of me, what do they know of the outside world? My experience is that that they are just as happy without our things - Coca Cola, TV, telephones, electricity, fast food, magazines, plastic toys, etc. - what do they really contribute to our quality of life? If you never knew of these things, would you miss them? I doubt it. Unfortunately tourists bring with them expectations - the lure of the outside world - and that eventually seduces the population. Bad tourists. But change is inevitable - the outside world exists, it propagates its values, rural places change slowly in response.


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