Sunday, January 29, 2006

You'd Better Belize it!

Talk about a slogan that grates on you, and to make it worse this one sticks in my head like a broken record. Over the holidays I was doing the independent traveller thing again - this time in Belize. Last minute flight, no plans, no book, no reservations (at Christmas!), no destination, and no knowledge of the lay of the land. At least there was there was no language barrier - Belize was formerly a British colony known as British Honduras. I must be an addict of palm trees to chase so many island destinations.

It turns out that Blogger does not allow you to position photos easily! - you have to toy with it incessantly to arrange the photos and the text just right; I switched from emailing written travelogues in Word to a web based method just to gain spatial independence! Posting solely photos here turned out to be a nightmare of positioning (they overlap if I try to do anything but arrange them vertically), so look for my Belize photos at:


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